BBP at Zoo Fest

After having our Easter Eggstravaganza at the Window Rock Zoo and Botanical Park this past April, we were invited by the zoo to join them for their annual Zoo Fest this past weekend. We greeted guests as they came through the entrance with our tropical themed photo booth. We had some bake sale items, flower clips, and photo albums of our past events on display.


Like most of our events, the public is always interested in our organization and we were happy to inform and spread the awesome news of what our organization does for the community. It was very surprising to see how many people came to the event! The weather was a lovely sunny and breezy day – a WIN for us.

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The 4th Annual Easter Eggstravaganza


This year our annual Easter event was held on Saturday, April 1st, 2017 at the Navajo Nation Zoo and Botanical Park in Window Rock, AZ. This was a new venue for us and it couldn’t have been more perfect! There was a big shade and stage, a playground, hunting areas, and best of all- zoo animals all over the park. The weather was not on our side this year, it lightly snowed off and on and it was a crisp cloudy day. Even though the weather wasn’t great, we still had a huge turnout! Many families came with their kids and baskets, they participated in our fun games and the Easter egg hunts.

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The 3rd Annual Easter Eggstravaganza

On March 19th, 2016 we held our 3rd Annual Easter Eggstravaganza event in Window Rock, AZ. The Easter hunt took place at the Window Rock Veteran’s Park with hundreds of guests and 5,000 eggs! We also had a playful Alice in Wonderland theme for the Spring weather and handmade decorations from all our Members. Each of us dressed up as a character from the 1951 Disney movie, such as Alice, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Cheshire Cat, The Red Queen, Playing Cards, and Singing Flowers.

The weather was beautiful for March, with sunny skies and minimal winds. We hosted our Easter Bake Sale and Raffle Booth with many prizes donated by native artists such as Jay Garcia, Jay Smiley, Def-I, OxDx Clothing, and others. Our guests really enjoyed our themed event that year!

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69th Annual Navajo Nation Fair


On September 12, 2015 we gathered in Window Rock, AZ once again, but this time for the 69th Annual Navajo Nation Fair. Last year we walked the parade assisting the St. Michaels Association of Special Education with their float however this year we thought it would be great to lock down a booth space at the Chi’hootso Indian Marketplace for only day only.

Our 6 am call time was pretty early for the day but we had to get there before the roads closed due to the parade. We were all looking forward to this event because of our Vintage Western theme so the ladies arrived looking totally fab for as early as it was! Although it was pretty slow during the morning hours it finally picked up after the parade ended around noon time. Our booth was definitely one of a kind so it pulled people in to see what we were all about. Our tables were filled with our posters, prints, and scrap books of our past events. We even had an area set aside for a Western photo booth. It was great to see everyone put our props to use.

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