Navajo Code Talkers Day 2016

Navajo Code Talkers Day event is a very special time for us. Not only do we get to honor our veterans but we also celebrate that this event was were we first decided to become the Blue Bird Pinups. We absolutely love our people and giving back is our mission so each year we are always beaming with excitement.

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Retrospectrum with Presence 4.0 in Phoenix, AZ

We were invited as special guests to participate in Presence 4.0’s Retrospectrum fashion show and style mixer in Phoenix, AZ at their downtown’s very own Bar Smith. The show was a portrayal of mixed fashions from different decades. Various Native American designers such as Loren Aragon’s ACONAV, Jared Yazzie’s OXDX Clothing, and Beyond Buckskin Boutique put together their own representations of a decade.

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4th Annual Blue Christmas

Every December we host our Blue Christmas Charity event at the Fort Defiance Chapter House. The purpose of this event is to raise funds and awareness for local organizations within the surrounding areas of Window Rock, Arizona. We have worked with St. Michaels Association for Special Education, also known as SMASE over the years but this year we teamed up with Navajo United Way. Our mission was to conduct a food drive consisting of non-perishable goods as well as a raffle to bring in money donations which would be donated directly to Navajo United Way.
We try to bring some awareness to local organizations so they can advertise their organization. We also provide the opportunity for them to have another outlet to reach the community.

Blue Christmas this year had its own twist! We went with a vacation holiday style with floral skirts and holiday sweaters. We always enjoy a theme for our events and it definitely adds a little BBP touch. For us, Blue Christmas is always a successful event and when we see families enjoying themselves it makes it that much better. It is a special blessing to see children making crafts, decorations and enjoying their time with their families.

This year we decided to bring our raffle back and all items were donated by our pin up girls, their families and friends. They were also donated by Native artists which included OxDx Clothing, Jay Smiley, Def-I and Michael Shorty. BBP has enjoyed working with them at events over the years and we have always supported them. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have their support. So again we want to thank everyone for their donations to the raffle and of their time. Thank you to Jared, Jay, Def-I and Michael.

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Honor Ride for Navajo Nation Police Officer Joseph Gregg


On August 15, 2015 we headed to Tuba City, AZ to volunteer our time at an Honor Ride for Navajo Nation Police Officer Joseph Gregg, who was shot while responding to a domestic violence call in October of last year. The mission of this event was to raise funds to donate to Officer Gregg and his family as they continue to travel to and from Phoenix, AZ for medical appointments.

We were contacted just a week before our trip to Window Rock, AZ for Navajo Code Talkers Day and we could not say no. Our members are located in Arizona, California, Colorado, and New Mexico so this event just so happened to work out perfectly for a weekend of volunteering.

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Navajo Code Talkers Day 2015


This year was beyond a successful event for us! Last year we raised $150 at our booth. We had a goal to raise $200 in donations from our photo booth and we totally surpassed it! There were tons of people that came by to ask us questions about our organization, our hair and outfits, or that wanted a photo with us. We were glad to see old friends and family as well. Lots of people had said they looked out for us this year in hopes of snapping a picture with us and that was sweet to hear.

We arrived at our usual 7:30 am meet-up and immediately noticed that there were some canopies and tables already set up and usually we are the first ones there! This was a good sign. It meant the word has been getting out of what a great celebration this is and more and more people want to be a part of it. So we set up our canopies (we are pros by now) and our tables and quickly the area began to fill in with people.

The 9 am parade came through and the event had officially begun. Tons and tons of people showed up eager to find a seat under the big white tent for it was a warm summer day. All of us Members were in attendance this time and we had chose to wear matching yellow dresses in honor of the Code Talkers. It was a real big hit with the crowds! We also had our Volunteer Valine Blue come and join us, she was a big help to us and we love her to bits for it! In addition to Valine Blue, we had Kiana Ferris from Navajo Prep High School contribute her time with us for community service hours, she was a treat to have!

As the day went on, our donations were a-flowin’ and we were in good spirits with the public. So when it came time to pack up, we presented our gathered donations of $244 to Michael Smith- Coordinator of the Navajo Code Talker Day, for his production of the event. He was super grateful and expressed how much he enjoys having us as part of the celebration each year.

For 2016, we truly hope to outdo ourselves with something bigger! As always, stay tuned to our website and our Facebook Page – Blue Bird Pinups for up-to-date announcements and behind-the-scenes photos to all of our events.

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