Pin Me Up Workshop 2016

Our Pin Me Up Workshop has returned!! This event is the most requested and we are so happy to bring our Native women together for some fun. Not only did we have new classes on Vintage Hairstyling and 5 Pinup Points, we also added a few really cool surprises.

One of those surprises was Grownup Navajo herself, Jaclyn Roessel. She provided us with helpful mantras, and even performed two poems, “Dear Girl-Made-of-Honey” and “Seeds of Resilience” This definitely set the mood for our workshop and also left us with happy hearts.

Another addition were our guests from The iiSh, Amanda and Ashley. They were covering our event from beginning to end. It was great because they are new to the pinup world and we had the wonderful opportunity to show each of our classes live on Facebook. You can check out their awesome event recap by clicking HERE.

We had previously asked Jaclyn and Ashley to be our models for our demos and they happily accepted. Our participants were able to see the pinup transformation right in front of their very eyes. We explained our hair processes from setting to styling, and discussed our BBP 5 Pinup Points. Once again, we were excited to be sponsored by Suavecita Pomade, which is our go to brand for all of our hair needs!!

Our workshop included teenagers, sisters, and we even had a mom and daughter combo! We welcomed all women to enjoy a day of learning about what we absolutely love.

We hope that you can join us at the next event!












BBP Paint Phoenix Blue!

The Blue Bird Pinups brought in 2015 with a huge bang in Phoenix, AZ! We were fortunate enough to get an invite from Jaclyn Roessel of the Heard Museum to help host their monthly First Friday event – Native+You. On top of that we got some air time with not one, but TWO Phoenix news channels – Fox 10 and AZ Family 3. We busted out some moves and smiled for the camera that morning. Then we found out from our social media outlets that we were also featured in the Phoenix New Times! We were super thrilled that this was turning into a huge weekend for us as an organization. Later that evening at the Heard, we had ourselves some fun with swing dance lessons, a cupcake walk, hair bar, fun photo booth, and hosted a ladies pinup and “men-up” contest for the guys! We even ran into 1491s’ Bobby Wilson and his cool pizza shirt haha. It was such an incredible night for us all to finally meet our fans in person and meet with new friends.

After the event, we hurried ourselves off to see Hard Fall Hearts in North Phoenix’s Blooze Bar where we met old and new friends. This was such a great time to finally hang out together as a group of friends outside an event. Shiner Gold Pomade even gifted us with some cute mini pomade tins and cozies at the show! The next day Saturday was spent thrifting and relaxing until our next night out at The Quakes show. At our new hotel the desk clerk who check us in actually recognized us as the Blue Bird Pinups! Holy cheese that was such a great surprise to be recognized outside an event not on the rez! That really meant a lot to us because we were reaching out further than we thought.

Our last night in Phoenix we attended The Quakes show at Chopper John’s in Scottsdale. We all got ready together, did our makeup and hair, and made our way to the super packed venue. We had people telling us they saw our news segments and our little feature in the New Times. That was such an amazing night!! Amazing band, amazing friends, amazing crowd, amazing outfits! The whole nine yards. This trip really gave us an insight to how many people really support our organization and how much we can influence others. We left Phoenix filled with fresh ideas for future events and a new and ever-so-confident outlook for this year!

Navajo Nation Fair with the Blue Bird Pinups


The Blue Bird Pinups made it out for the biggest event known to natives on the Navajo reservation, the Navajo Nation Fair in Window Rock, AZ. While our audience does grows daily, it is always great to attend community events on our reservation.

The morning started off bright and early but when we arrived to the parade, we could have been mistaken for being late due to all of the tents and vehicles that waited for days to save there parade spot. We were fortunate enough to help SMASE, St. Michaels Association of Special Education, with their float in the annual parade. Our organization has worked with SMASE on more than one occasion and our relationship always seems to strengthen due to the effort of both organizations helping one another.

The parade was a long walk, starting in Tse Bonito, NM and ending in St. Michaels, AZ. We were asked to hand out water, apples and oranges to the parade spectators. One of our main focuses was making sure the elderly didn’t go home empty handed. During the walk we were able to hand out some BBP goodies like stickers and postcards. The weather got pretty hot but we kept going strong. It was a great opportunity to see everyone who attends this annual parade.

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