Pin Me Up Workshop 2016

Our Pin Me Up Workshop has returned!! This event is the most requested and we are so happy to bring our Native women together for some fun. Not only did we have new classes on Vintage Hairstyling and 5 Pinup Points, we also added a few really cool surprises.

One of those surprises was Grownup Navajo herself, Jaclyn Roessel. She provided us with helpful mantras, and even performed two poems, “Dear Girl-Made-of-Honey” and “Seeds of Resilience” This definitely set the mood for our workshop and also left us with happy hearts.

Another addition were our guests from The iiSh, Amanda and Ashley. They were covering our event from beginning to end. It was great because they are new to the pinup world and we had the wonderful opportunity to show each of our classes live on Facebook. You can check out their awesome event recap by clicking HERE.

We had previously asked Jaclyn and Ashley to be our models for our demos and they happily accepted. Our participants were able to see the pinup transformation right in front of their very eyes. We explained our hair processes from setting to styling, and discussed our BBP 5 Pinup Points. Once again, we were excited to be sponsored by Suavecita Pomade, which is our go to brand for all of our hair needs!!

Our workshop included teenagers, sisters, and we even had a mom and daughter combo! We welcomed all women to enjoy a day of learning about what we absolutely love.

We hope that you can join us at the next event!












OXDX Fall Photoshoot

A couple of days before we headed off to Navajo Code Talkers Day in Window Rock, Arizona we were contacted by our long time friend Jared Yazzie from OXDX Clothing. He was putting together his Fall Release and asked us to be a part of the photoshoot, so of course we had to say YES! With his amazing line and so many dope creatives on his team, we knew it was going to be fly!

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Navajo Code Talkers Day 2015


This year was beyond a successful event for us! Last year we raised $150 at our booth. We had a goal to raise $200 in donations from our photo booth and we totally surpassed it! There were tons of people that came by to ask us questions about our organization, our hair and outfits, or that wanted a photo with us. We were glad to see old friends and family as well. Lots of people had said they looked out for us this year in hopes of snapping a picture with us and that was sweet to hear.

We arrived at our usual 7:30 am meet-up and immediately noticed that there were some canopies and tables already set up and usually we are the first ones there! This was a good sign. It meant the word has been getting out of what a great celebration this is and more and more people want to be a part of it. So we set up our canopies (we are pros by now) and our tables and quickly the area began to fill in with people.

The 9 am parade came through and the event had officially begun. Tons and tons of people showed up eager to find a seat under the big white tent for it was a warm summer day. All of us Members were in attendance this time and we had chose to wear matching yellow dresses in honor of the Code Talkers. It was a real big hit with the crowds! We also had our Volunteer Valine Blue come and join us, she was a big help to us and we love her to bits for it! In addition to Valine Blue, we had Kiana Ferris from Navajo Prep High School contribute her time with us for community service hours, she was a treat to have!

As the day went on, our donations were a-flowin’ and we were in good spirits with the public. So when it came time to pack up, we presented our gathered donations of $244 to Michael Smith- Coordinator of the Navajo Code Talker Day, for his production of the event. He was super grateful and expressed how much he enjoys having us as part of the celebration each year.

For 2016, we truly hope to outdo ourselves with something bigger! As always, stay tuned to our website and our Facebook Page – Blue Bird Pinups for up-to-date announcements and behind-the-scenes photos to all of our events.

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