OXDX Fall Release 2015 Pt. 2

Since we have done the official BBP recap, we would like to share what others thought about the event! Take a look!

renee“The OXDX Fall Fashion Release show was a phenomenal event that surpassed all expectations! It knocked our socks off to say the least. Krystle and I (as Blue Bird Pinup volunteer and member) were amazed at the quick influx of people entering and signing in to absorb what the show had to offer. Granted we did not view the show in its entirety but we managed to collect and share in the energy and enthusiasm of the performers and spectators. The awesome Bobby Wilson kept the flow of the show and crowd lively with his comedic timing. The ambient beats and enlightening lyrics of Nataanii Means and Supaman had folks engaged, laughing, bobbing their heads and swaying to the groove. The beautiful runway models were absolutely stunning wearing the fashions of Jared OXDX Yazzie, Jesse Metcalf, and Shayne Watson’s clothing line, topped it off with the pinup hairstyles courtesy of Blue Bird Pinups. This is what the show offered – to come together to support and stand by our Native brothers and sisters in a powerful movement of unity and positive representation of old and new contemporary Indigenous artistry. There is definitely no “misrep” when you can pack plenty of Native Americans in one room taking pride in who they are and what they contribute to our society. We are doing big things so make way for more motivated and inspired Indigenous individuals, fashions, and businesses. Big props for a successful show and look forward to next year!” — Roxie Gunz

12033147_893253430710871_2816982986963220401_n“Hair was soo much fun! And meeting the models and seeing new faces! I loved how the entire night at the event was just positive vibes from the crowd. Observing everyone’s reaction and expression with each performance was amazing! Hearing the feedback was the best part! Overall, everyone did an amazing job!!!” –Mz. Peaches
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OXDX Fall Release 2015 Pt. 1


On September 19th we spent our day in Chandler, AZ at an amazing event that was truly inspiring. The place to be was at was the OxDx Clothing Fall Release 2015. Our lovely ladies were so excited to be a part of this event yet again especially since we had so much fun assisting last year. Jared Yazzie, the head honcho at OxDx reached out to us once more for our awesome hosting skills and this time he also requested for us to do hair but not just any type of hair styling. He requested our specialty, Retro Hair Styles! We were honored that we were asked to come out, style some hair and also be a part of the event.

Hours before show time we set up our hair stations because we wanted to be organized and of course the give models an experience to remember. The ladies began to file in for their hair appointments and to get there make up done by Courtney Henry. The designers Jared, Jessica Metcalfe from Beyond Buckskin, and Shayne Watson also filed in and greeted the models. There was definitely a lot of hair teasing, bobby pins, and hair spray in the room! For some models we gave tribute to old Hollywood Glam by giving the classic S waves but also couldn’t leave out victory rolls. By the time we were done the hair looked amazing and it something different for the models. In the mist of all the craziness, our ladies still managed do their own wardrobe change and were ready for the show!

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