Retrospectrum with Presence 4.0 in Phoenix, AZ

We were invited as special guests to participate in Presence 4.0’s Retrospectrum fashion show and style mixer in Phoenix, AZ at their downtown’s very own Bar Smith. The show was a portrayal of mixed fashions from different decades. Various Native American designers such as Loren Aragon’s ACONAV, Jared Yazzie’s OXDX Clothing, and Beyond Buckskin Boutique put together their own representations of a decade.

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Honor Ride for Navajo Nation Police Officer Joseph Gregg


On August 15, 2015 we headed to Tuba City, AZ to volunteer our time at an Honor Ride for Navajo Nation Police Officer Joseph Gregg, who was shot while responding to a domestic violence call in October of last year. The mission of this event was to raise funds to donate to Officer Gregg and his family as they continue to travel to and from Phoenix, AZ for medical appointments.

We were contacted just a week before our trip to Window Rock, AZ for Navajo Code Talkers Day and we could not say no. Our members are located in Arizona, California, Colorado, and New Mexico so this event just so happened to work out perfectly for a weekend of volunteering.

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Paint Gathering of Nations BLUE!!

This was our first time attending Gatherings as BBP, and for most of us it was our first time attending in over a decade! First, we made our way to the Pit arena and waited in a massive line to get in, we were super early since the gates hadn’t opened yet. Once inside we were blown away by the amount of people already inside, getting ready for the powwow. Then we made our way to the vendors inside the arena, there was SO MUCH beautiful jewelry! We wanted it ALL! After pulling ourselves away from the arena, we made our way outside to the indian market in the big tent. Since we were some of the first people inside, all the vendors had full tables of stocked merchandise. We made our way up and down the aisles meeting people, answering questions from all sorts of people who knew us and from those who were meeting us for the first time.

We started some of our social media contests for those at the event, one by one we had winners coming to claim their prizes! We had cute little flowers for the little pinups, big blue flowers for the winners, stickers, and buttons. We had some tshirts on us, ladies sizes for now! But for those that bought them- THANK YOU!! We also had the pleasure of meeting new and old friends, JT Willie, Deanne Jean Vanwinkle, Mike B, Tonia Jo Hall, Marco Ariviso, Tonya June Rafeal, Trina Secody, Kenji Kawano, and more!

Towards noon we were famished. We needed some serious noms!! FEED THE PINUPS! The food area was chockfull of your token New Mexico food stands- burgers and burritos drenched in green chili! After refueling, we continued to walk the grounds meeting fans and supporters and spreading our cause with others. At the end of the late afternoon, we were ready to call it quits for the day! We had the best fun just hanging out and talking with other natives from all the over the country/world.

Next year we hope to go as a bigger group and maybe stick around for more of the events in the evening and nighttime! Sophia Foxx and Alena Trouble were able to attend the Pink Party that night, they had an absolute blast and their outfits were gorgeous!