4th Annual Blue Christmas

Every December we host our Blue Christmas Charity event at the Fort Defiance Chapter House. The purpose of this event is to raise funds and awareness for local organizations within the surrounding areas of Window Rock, Arizona. We have worked with St. Michaels Association for Special Education, also known as SMASE over the years but this year we teamed up with Navajo United Way. Our mission was to conduct a food drive consisting of non-perishable goods as well as a raffle to bring in money donations which would be donated directly to Navajo United Way.
We try to bring some awareness to local organizations so they can advertise their organization. We also provide the opportunity for them to have another outlet to reach the community.

Blue Christmas this year had its own twist! We went with a vacation holiday style with floral skirts and holiday sweaters. We always enjoy a theme for our events and it definitely adds a little BBP touch. For us, Blue Christmas is always a successful event and when we see families enjoying themselves it makes it that much better. It is a special blessing to see children making crafts, decorations and enjoying their time with their families.

This year we decided to bring our raffle back and all items were donated by our pin up girls, their families and friends. They were also donated by Native artists which included OxDx Clothing, Jay Smiley, Def-I and Michael Shorty. BBP has enjoyed working with them at events over the years and we have always supported them. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have their support. So again we want to thank everyone for their donations to the raffle and of their time. Thank you to Jared, Jay, Def-I and Michael.

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OXDX Fall Release 2015 Pt. 1


On September 19th we spent our day in Chandler, AZ at an amazing event that was truly inspiring. The place to be was at was the OxDx Clothing Fall Release 2015. Our lovely ladies were so excited to be a part of this event yet again especially since we had so much fun assisting last year. Jared Yazzie, the head honcho at OxDx reached out to us once more for our awesome hosting skills and this time he also requested for us to do hair but not just any type of hair styling. He requested our specialty, Retro Hair Styles! We were honored that we were asked to come out, style some hair and also be a part of the event.

Hours before show time we set up our hair stations because we wanted to be organized and of course the give models an experience to remember. The ladies began to file in for their hair appointments and to get there make up done by Courtney Henry. The designers Jared, Jessica Metcalfe from Beyond Buckskin, and Shayne Watson also filed in and greeted the models. There was definitely a lot of hair teasing, bobby pins, and hair spray in the room! For some models we gave tribute to old Hollywood Glam by giving the classic S waves but also couldn’t leave out victory rolls. By the time we were done the hair looked amazing and it something different for the models. In the mist of all the craziness, our ladies still managed do their own wardrobe change and were ready for the show!

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Navajo Nation Treaty Days Celebration

The Navajo Nation Department of Behavior Health Services invited us to be a part of their week-long Treaty Days Celebration in Fort Defiance and Window Rock. We helped host a Family Night and Dance Party on Friday at the Fort Defiance Chapter House, which included a craft table, snack bar, a DJ, door prizes, and poster presentations on suicide prevention, eating healthy, and meth abuse.

I (Tarrah Bella), Mz. Peaches, and Alena Trouble were complete with pinup dresses and a twist of turquoise jewelry and moccasins! Boy, were we some real lookers! We had a chance to sell our new shirts and spread the word about BBP at our table.

Sometime in the night we even cut a rug (or some tile) with our sweet dance moves with a group of kids and their hoola-hoops. Then once the glow sticks came out, it was ON! By the end of the night there was a slow crowd forming for a country band – Badlandz, to take the stage. It was pouring rain and the thunder was cracking its whip nearby, but more people kept coming in! So we called it a night, put some grocery bags over our moccasins and headed home.

We enjoyed ourselves and we certainly hope the kids did too!

Paint Gathering of Nations BLUE!!

This was our first time attending Gatherings as BBP, and for most of us it was our first time attending in over a decade! First, we made our way to the Pit arena and waited in a massive line to get in, we were super early since the gates hadn’t opened yet. Once inside we were blown away by the amount of people already inside, getting ready for the powwow. Then we made our way to the vendors inside the arena, there was SO MUCH beautiful jewelry! We wanted it ALL! After pulling ourselves away from the arena, we made our way outside to the indian market in the big tent. Since we were some of the first people inside, all the vendors had full tables of stocked merchandise. We made our way up and down the aisles meeting people, answering questions from all sorts of people who knew us and from those who were meeting us for the first time.

We started some of our social media contests for those at the event, one by one we had winners coming to claim their prizes! We had cute little flowers for the little pinups, big blue flowers for the winners, stickers, and buttons. We had some tshirts on us, ladies sizes for now! But for those that bought them- THANK YOU!! We also had the pleasure of meeting new and old friends, JT Willie, Deanne Jean Vanwinkle, Mike B, Tonia Jo Hall, Marco Ariviso, Tonya June Rafeal, Trina Secody, Kenji Kawano, and more!

Towards noon we were famished. We needed some serious noms!! FEED THE PINUPS! The food area was chockfull of your token New Mexico food stands- burgers and burritos drenched in green chili! After refueling, we continued to walk the grounds meeting fans and supporters and spreading our cause with others. At the end of the late afternoon, we were ready to call it quits for the day! We had the best fun just hanging out and talking with other natives from all the over the country/world.

Next year we hope to go as a bigger group and maybe stick around for more of the events in the evening and nighttime! Sophia Foxx and Alena Trouble were able to attend the Pink Party that night, they had an absolute blast and their outfits were gorgeous!

BBP Paint Phoenix Blue!

The Blue Bird Pinups brought in 2015 with a huge bang in Phoenix, AZ! We were fortunate enough to get an invite from Jaclyn Roessel of the Heard Museum to help host their monthly First Friday event – Native+You. On top of that we got some air time with not one, but TWO Phoenix news channels – Fox 10 and AZ Family 3. We busted out some moves and smiled for the camera that morning. Then we found out from our social media outlets that we were also featured in the Phoenix New Times! We were super thrilled that this was turning into a huge weekend for us as an organization. Later that evening at the Heard, we had ourselves some fun with swing dance lessons, a cupcake walk, hair bar, fun photo booth, and hosted a ladies pinup and “men-up” contest for the guys! We even ran into 1491s’ Bobby Wilson and his cool pizza shirt haha. It was such an incredible night for us all to finally meet our fans in person and meet with new friends.

After the event, we hurried ourselves off to see Hard Fall Hearts in North Phoenix’s Blooze Bar where we met old and new friends. This was such a great time to finally hang out together as a group of friends outside an event. Shiner Gold Pomade even gifted us with some cute mini pomade tins and cozies at the show! The next day Saturday was spent thrifting and relaxing until our next night out at The Quakes show. At our new hotel the desk clerk who check us in actually recognized us as the Blue Bird Pinups! Holy cheese that was such a great surprise to be recognized outside an event not on the rez! That really meant a lot to us because we were reaching out further than we thought.

Our last night in Phoenix we attended The Quakes show at Chopper John’s in Scottsdale. We all got ready together, did our makeup and hair, and made our way to the super packed venue. We had people telling us they saw our news segments and our little feature in the New Times. That was such an amazing night!! Amazing band, amazing friends, amazing crowd, amazing outfits! The whole nine yards. This trip really gave us an insight to how many people really support our organization and how much we can influence others. We left Phoenix filled with fresh ideas for future events and a new and ever-so-confident outlook for this year!