DSC_4747editedValine Blue

Tribes: Navajo, Pawnee, Cheyenne/ Arapaho and Crow
Navajo-Haltsooi (Meadows Edge)
Pawnee- Chaui (Grand), Kitkehahki (Republican), Pitahawirata (Tappage) and Skidi (Wolf)
Crow- Ashkápkawiia (Bad War Deeds Clan)
Hometown- Window Rock, AZ

From biochemistry to science fiction Valine Blue has a deep love for science. She has a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from New Mexico State University and currently working on her Master’s degree at Northern Arizona University. Oh yeah, not to mention she is a Devil Dog (U.S. Marine). Her interest are: coffee, protein chemistry, virology, origami, tattoos, corsets, anime, horror, sci-fi, thrifting and crocheting. Her ultimate goals are to obtain her PhD in a biomedical research field, give back to the community and get more youth interested in careers in science and research.

DSC_4922editedlogoMisa Darling

Tribe: Navajo
Todich’ii’nii (Bitter water)
Ashiihi (Salt people)
Tabaaha (Water’ Edge)
Ma’ii Deshgiizhinii (Coyote Pass- Jemez)

Probably one of the newest girls that recently found her love of vintage styling of hair, makeup and wardrobe to add a little pep to her step. She likes practicing her hair styling and makeup in her free time as a first time mom. She is a fighting Poet from Whittier College with plans to return back to school at University of New Mexico for her advanced degree in laboratory sciences. Her loves are family outings, origami, cooking new recipes, driving stick shift, meeting and engaging in fun conversations with new people. She hopes to inspire young people to work hard, have fun and be active in their community.