Venus Royale


Venus Royale
Tribes: Hopi, Santo Domingo
Clans: Bear Clan
Hometown: Moenkopi Village and Phoenix, Az

Meet Venus Royale- She’s a bodacious space babe created in a galaxy far away! She has a love affair with the silver screen and music. Venus’s style and attitude is heavily influenced by her passion for the cinema, some of her favorites include Singing in The Rain, White Christmas (Danny Kaye is dreamy), the Buddy Holly Story, La Bamba, Ed Wood and the list just goes on and on! Her love of music is expressed by her vast and funky record collection; she’s a disco bunny, rocker, bopper, sock hopper and on Sunday nights her heart is dedicated to Art Laboe! Venus is a history fiend, whether it’s through fashion history, the arts or exploring museums she just can’t get enough! Venus’s current mission is fashion design with emphasis in Tailoring, She hopes to use this lost art to help empower women to feel confident and comfortable with themselves. When she’s not out cruising the rings of Saturn, You can find her spending time with her lovely nieces, cooking, thrifting, vinyl hunting, sewing, and of course volunteering with the Blue Bird Pin Ups. Venus admires the unique outlet the Blue Bird Pin Ups have created to give back to and bring together local native communities.