Sophia Foxx


Sophia Foxx

BBP Secretary
Tribes: Navajo/ Irish, Spanish
Clans: Tabaaha (Edge Water Clan), Kinyaa’aanii (Towering House Clan),
Biligana (Irish) and Naakai dine’e (Spanish)
Hometown: Smith Lake, NM

Sophia Foxx is a foxxy Pinup with dangerous curves and an active volunteer member for Pinups for Patriots Arizona and Blue Bird Pinups. She loves rockabilly, psychobilly, country, rock and enjoys the Rat Pack. The local music scene is where to find her shaking her tail. Some of Miss Foxx’s favorite things are pizza, baking, pink lipstick, drawing and reading. Never underestimate her cleverness because she is sure to make the best out of a any bad situation. She has a love for the 1950’s vintage hairstyles, clothes, makeup and charm. When not on any pinup adventures, this Foxx works full time in Special Education and in the community. So be sure to say Hi!

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