Shannon Rose


Shannon Rose

Tribe: Dine
Clans: Tachii’nii/Todich’ii’nii/Tsinaajinni/Haaltsooi
Currant Location: Farmington NM

This pinup gal found her passion for the pinup lifestyle while living in California. Now she follows her life passions which include, family, friends, pin up style, makeup, and working with youth. She has worked for a national youth program for 10 years both in New Mexico and California striving to guide the nation’s youth. When she is not working with youngsters she embraces her creativity with style and makeup making women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful with red lipstick and winged eyeliner.  Shannon Rose’s inspiration are Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn for their grace and poise. Favorite movies include Grease, Gidget, the Apartment, Roman Holliday, and Pillow Talk. Favorite musical artists and genre are Etta James, and classic Motown. This loving family gal is a real sweetheart, hoping to influence people lives for the better.

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