Sakura Snow


Sakura Snow
Tribes: Navajo and Isleta Pueblo
Todich’iini (Bitter Water)
Isleta Pueblo
Naakai Dine’e (Mexican People)
Hometown: Window Rock, AZ

“Vegas? Did you say Vegas? Well that’s my favorite city in the world.” Miss Sakura Snow currently resides in the City of Sin. But don’t let that fool you, it’s not all fun and games for Miss Snow, she is a graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a degree in Political Science. Working with a private law firm in Las Vegas, she has always had an interest in the law. Sakura has a love for Japanese culture, Disney, especially, the one and only Snow White! She loves to dance and listen to many genres of music. From Rockabilly and Psychobilly to Polynesian Reggae and Country, Miss Sakura Snow loves to bob her head or shake a tail feather. Movies also strike Ms. Snow’s fancy and some of her favorites are, La Bamba, Serendipity, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Lost In Translation, Hook, Roman Holiday, Elf, and many more! If you love the movie Grease, Sakura is a cross between Sandy and Rizzo, she can be a little quiet and shy but she can also be a pin up with an attitude….grrr! If you need movie quotes, you got em! Sakura Snow loves to quote movie lines at the perfect moment…”I like smiling. Smiling is my favorite”. Sakura is always on the go. From New York to California or across the seas to Europe, Miss Snow loves any kind of adventure. Sakura is a great travel buddy, whether you have a fun day trip or weekend getaway, she is your gal. When she can, Sakura likes to volunteer her spare time with different organizations such as the Las Vegas Rescue Mission as they feed and shelter the homeless, as well as, the lovely dolls of the Blue Bird Pin Ups because they promote empowerment of Native people and organizations. So don’t be shy and say Hi to this lovely and mysterious cherry blossom.