Roxie Gunz


Roxie Gunz

Tribe(s): Dine
Clans: Todikozhi (Salt Water People)
Hometown– Window Rock, AZ

Roxie Gunz is a timid tomboyish gal who has found her feminine confidence within the pinup world. Inspired by old films, she loves watching old movies from the 1930s to 1950s especially of the old western gun slinging variety. Her three favorite films are “Keep Your Powder Dry,” “Some Like it Hot,” and “McLintock.” If you do not see Ms. Gunz actively volunteering for Blue Bird Pinups, you will find her in the early morning hours weightlifting at the gym, tutoring or teaching students mathematics, horseback riding, or cooking and spending quality time with family and her animals. This tough lady desires for all woman to empower and grant themselves the ability to reach their goals. So spark up a keen conversation with this pinup gal.


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