Alena Trouble

Alena Trouble

BBP Vice President
Tribes: Navajo / Apache
Clans: To’ahani (Near the Water), ‘Ashiihi (Salt People), Ma’ii deeshgiizhinii (Coyote Pass), Kin l ichii’nii (The Red House People)
Current Location: Beautiful Colorado!

Alena Trouble is sweet but has a hunger for causing trouble in the right places. Ms. Trouble is full blooded Native American belonging to the Dine and Apache Tribe. What’s her poison?…The love of vintage pinups, back seam stockings, high heels, hot rods, red lipstick, rockabilly music, corsets, psychobilly music, drawing, retro hair dos, cupcakes, and her switchblade stiletto. Don’t be fooled by the short, curvy, sweet pie! Not only does she love pinup modeling she is a self-promoter. She is pursing her goals to become a business owner but she also wants to give back to her native people. Dont be shy with this little missy!


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