Alena Trouble

Alena Trouble

BBP Vice President
Tribes: Navajo / Apache
Clans: To’ahani (Near the Water), ‘Ashiihi (Salt People), Ma’ii deeshgiizhinii (Coyote Pass), Kin l ichii’nii (The Red House People)
Current Location: Beautiful Colorado!

Alena Trouble is sweet but has a hunger for causing trouble in the right places. Ms. Trouble is full blooded Native American belonging to the Dine and Apache Tribe. Whatโ€™s her poison?…The love of vintage pinups, back seam stockings, high heels, hot rods, red lipstick, rockabilly music, corsets, psychobilly music, drawing, retro hair dos, cupcakes, and her switchblade stiletto. Donโ€™t be fooled by the short, curvy, sweet pie! Not only does she love pinup modeling she is a self-promoter. She is pursing her goals to become a business owner but she also wants to give back to her native people. Dont be shy with this little missy!



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