Retrospectrum with Presence 4.0 in Phoenix, AZ

We were invited as special guests to participate in Presence 4.0’s Retrospectrum fashion show and style mixer in Phoenix, AZ at their downtown’s very own Bar Smith. The show was a portrayal of mixed fashions from different decades. Various Native American designers such as Loren Aragon’s ACONAV, Jared Yazzie’s OXDX Clothing, and Beyond Buckskin Boutique put together their own representations of a decade.

Our Sophia Foxx represented her own idea of the a 1950’s bombshell in her own full skirt and top paired with Navajo moccasins, a sash belt, and scarf. We also had one of our newest Volunteer’s, Cynthia Begay, strut her catwalk in an OXDX Clothing R2Dine’2 tshirt and pencil skirt. The entire evening vibe was filled with mixed beats from DJ Byron Fenix, which helped set the tone for a fabulous night!

We went with a glamorous Native-inspired, black cocktail attire representing our favorite era of the 1950’s. Our outfits showcased jewelry from our own families and tribes, pinup hair, and classy heels.

It was a great weekend spent, immersed in the Native community of artists at the Heard Museum’s Indian Market, and with designers and like-minded fashionistas at Retrospectrum! We truly enjoyed the invite from the lovely ladies of Prescence 4.0 and cannot wait for our next team-up in the future!

For the rest of the night’s photos, click HERE to see them all!



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