OXDX Fall Release 2015 Pt. 1


On September 19th we spent our day in Chandler, AZ at an amazing event that was truly inspiring. The place to be was at was the OxDx Clothing Fall Release 2015. Our lovely ladies were so excited to be a part of this event yet again especially since we had so much fun assisting last year. Jared Yazzie, the head honcho at OxDx reached out to us once more for our awesome hosting skills and this time he also requested for us to do hair but not just any type of hair styling. He requested our specialty, Retro Hair Styles! We were honored that we were asked to come out, style some hair and also be a part of the event.

Hours before show time we set up our hair stations because we wanted to be organized and of course the give models an experience to remember. The ladies began to file in for their hair appointments and to get there make up done by Courtney Henry. The designers Jared, Jessica Metcalfe from Beyond Buckskin, and Shayne Watson also filed in and greeted the models. There was definitely a lot of hair teasing, bobby pins, and hair spray in the room! For some models we gave tribute to old Hollywood Glam by giving the classic S waves but also couldn’t leave out victory rolls. By the time we were done the hair looked amazing and it something different for the models. In the mist of all the craziness, our ladies still managed do their own wardrobe change and were ready for the show!

This year’s line-up was full of great acts and people but most importantly it showcased all the Native talent that we had under one roof. Bobby Wilson of 1491’s was a great MC of the night! Our ladies couldn’t help but line up to get their picture with him. The first on the runway was none other than Shayne Watson Designs with gowns and signature Pendleton style jackets. We have worked with him before and it always a pleasure because he is a total sweetheart. Nataanii Means was also in the house! Means is a talented Native Hip Hop Artist who is not afraid to speak his mind through his music. Furthermore, for our ladies it was a first to work with and see Jessica Metcalfe from Beyond Buckskin. It was such an honor to meet her! We had the pleasure of giving her a rocking hair-do for the show that night. Up next was the amazing, Supaman! If you have not seen him perform yet we highly recommend that you do so ASAP. Supaman is known for his song “Prayer Loop Song” and recently released “Why” video on YouTube. Last but definitely not least, it was time for OxDx to rock the runway. We also saw that everyone was anticipating the release of the “R2Dine2” shirt because it was sold out by the end of the night.

The event was packed all through out the night! The number of attendees doubled if not tripled from the last year. The event vendors traveled from far and wide to show off their work as well. Fans even had the chance to meet their idols and other Natives who were making a difference. It was great to see those who have seen us at previous events or others that already knew of our work. Our ladies did a wonderful job by interacting with the crowd and speaking about our mission of supporting our Native communities. Everyone involved that night has been trying to make a difference in their own special way and sometimes it goes unnoticed, but no matter which tribe or reservation we come from, we were able to join forces for a VERY SUCCESSFUL night!  Jared did such an amazing job of bringing so many creative minds together! The best part of the night was not just the clothes or performers, but it was the feeling you got when leaving. Being in the presence of Natives who are supporting other Natives was truly inspiring! Everyone in attendance walked away with a sense of pride. As Native people we have to believe that we are truly capable of change, in order to get there we have to support each other and create a movement together!

Check out the video created by Paper Rocket Productions to see what an amazing night we had!

Stay tuned for Pt. 2 with more pictures!


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