“Our Perspective” Youth Event with Turtlefeet Productions

The venue that evening was at the Huhugam Heritage Center which was located on the outskirts of Phoenix, right pass the Wild Horse Pass Casino, inside a new facility with an outdoor performance center and stage. The building included several exhibition rooms, air-conditioned bathrooms, courtyards, and a reoccurring theme of the Gila River Tribes.

Upon meeting up at the heritage center in the blistering late afternoon, we soon realized we would be sitting in it for the next couple of hours. Yikes. We weren’t prepared for this but we were still up for it! After meeting our host Marlon “Turtlefeet” Lewis, he ushered us to an air-conditioned room filled with water, drinks, snacks, chairs and tables for us to cool down in. Thank god! We regrouped, grabbed some ice cold waters and planted ourselves outside along the walls of the little arena and stage.

Once we got over the heat (even in the shade), we settled in for the rest of the evening and enjoyed all of the performers on stage such as D Faktion Nyne, a band entirely made up of youth from the area, Riah, an R&B artist who was amazing! Followed by musical acts such as Blest 1, April Crawford, and Ill Methods. After the sun went down, we started to move around more and by move around, I mean we started to dance in the small arena, handout flyers, visit with other vendors and residents. It was really nice to see the community come together and use this beautiful facility to meet up and hang out with some local music.

This was our first time attending an event on another reservation other than the Navajo reservation and we certainly enjoyed it! We definitely hope to see Turtlefeet Productions again and hopefully we can invite them out to our reservation in the future.

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