Navajo Nation Treaty Days Celebration

The Navajo Nation Department of Behavior Health Services invited us to be a part of their week-long Treaty Days Celebration in Fort Defiance and Window Rock. We helped host a Family Night and Dance Party on Friday at the Fort Defiance Chapter House, which included a craft table, snack bar, a DJ, door prizes, and poster presentations on suicide prevention, eating healthy, and meth abuse.

I (Tarrah Bella), Mz. Peaches, and Alena Trouble were complete with pinup dresses and a twist of turquoise jewelry and moccasins! Boy, were we some real lookers! We had a chance to sell our new shirts and spread the word about BBP at our table.

Sometime in the night we even cut a rug (or some tile) with our sweet dance moves with a group of kids and their hoola-hoops. Then once the glow sticks came out, it was ON! By the end of the night there was a slow crowd forming for a country band – Badlandz, to take the stage. It was pouring rain and the thunder was cracking its whip nearby, but more people kept coming in! So we called it a night, put some grocery bags over our moccasins and headed home.

We enjoyed ourselves and we certainly hope the kids did too!

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