ReDiscover Fall Fashion Show with OxDx


Exactly one month ago, in October, we were very fortunate to be special guests for Jared Yazzie of OxDx Clothing and his Fall fashion event with Shayne Watson Designs and Marco Arviso.

We took this opportunity to travel as a group and bond with one another in Chandler, AZ. We also had the pleasure of doing hair for Shayne Watson’s beautiful models and makeup for Marco Arviso’s stunning models as well. There was an overwhelming love of the arts in many aspects and it really showed in the talent presented that night. Whether it came from musical performances by Ryan Dennison, Sheldon Bedonie (DNA), and Quese Imc, or from the designers and their inspirations on clothing and jewelry.

It was such an amazing experience to come together as peers and create such beautiful art for others to see- and wear! We enjoyed ourselves at this event and graciously thanked Jared for inviting us to contribute to his first fashion event. We definitely look forward to his future endevours and any opportunities like this again.


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