Navajo Nation Fair with the Blue Bird Pinups


The Blue Bird Pinups made it out for the biggest event known to natives on the Navajo reservation, the Navajo Nation Fair in Window Rock, AZ. While our audience does grows daily, it is always great to attend community events on our reservation.

The morning started off bright and early but when we arrived to the parade, we could have been mistaken for being late due to all of the tents and vehicles that waited for days to save there parade spot. We were fortunate enough to help SMASE, St. Michaels Association of Special Education, with their float in the annual parade. Our organization has worked with SMASE on more than one occasion and our relationship always seems to strengthen due to the effort of both organizations helping one another.

The parade was a long walk, starting in Tse Bonito, NM and ending in St. Michaels, AZ. We were asked to hand out water, apples and oranges to the parade spectators. One of our main focuses was making sure the elderly didn’t go home empty handed. During the walk we were able to hand out some BBP goodies like stickers and postcards. The weather got pretty hot but we kept going strong. It was a great opportunity to see everyone who attends this annual parade.

Once that portion of the day was over we freshened up, then made our way to the flea market area to start our “Find the Blue Bird” giveway. This was based on items we gathered within our group and were handed out to winners as we walked around. Some items were handmade by our very own Valine Blue and Mz Peachez. Our goodie bags consisted of stickers, posters, prints, and hair flowers, and handmade gifts which were beanies and cosmetic bags.

Our outfits and hairstyles stood out amongst the crowd and brought people in to ask us about who we are. It was great opportunity to talk to new people who were not familiar with our organization due to not having access to internet. The previous year we setup a BBP booth at the flea market. Although we had a great time, it prevented us from reaching to individuals that were attending all of the other fair festivities throughout the town. So this year we were able to walk around the flea market, carnival area, and the pow wow. Lots of walking for us ladies but we did it!

Each woman of the Blue Bird Pinups definitely has their own style and this was showcased during our trip to the fair. Our hairstyles are always a big hit, and of course turquoise jewelry always tops off the outfit. Now keep in mind, to most Native Women turquoise is our diamond so during the fair we see all the turquoise jewelry game. We will not forget that each woman wore their traditional moccasins along with their dresses of modern /vintage times. Our unique look is what gets people asking about who we are and what we do.

Over all, we definitely enjoyed ourselves at the fair and hope that we made an impact. We are an organization of strong women who want to help our communities. At times we are presumed to be a modeling group or agency which is flattering but not the case. We enjoy the fashion attire of 40s/50s era but we do add our own personal touch. There is more to come from the lovely Blue Bird Pinups, so keep an eye out!

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