Blue Bird Pinups at Navajo Code Talkers Day


We were very honored to be a part of Navajo Code Talkers Day in Window Rock, Arizona on August 14, 2014. This was the first time we attended as Blue Bird Pinups, which we previously attended as a part of the Pinups for Patriots Arizona Chapter. This was also the first time for some of our members to attend this amazing event.

We set up a Photo Booth and invited the public to take pictures with us for a small donation. We had a tons of fun meeting new people, making friends, and rubbing elbows with the community once again.

Overall the event was very successful and we managed to raise $149.50 from our Photo Booth to donate to the Navajo Code Talkers Foundation.

If you did not get to attend, please visit their site: for photos or visit for information about the Navajo Code Talkers.

Roxie Gunz

Navajo Code Talker Day was an endearing and rewarding experience. We were complimented and adored for our 1940s/1950s pin-up appearance bringing adults and elder folks memories of “back when” and admired from afar by children in curiosity. The preservation of our appearance bridges the connection in our generation gap and that is what sets Blue Bird Pinups apart. It was wonderful and humbling to hear stories of history, humor, and songs shared in remembrance of our beloved Code Talkers and the strength of the Dine language and veterans thereafter. In an effort to sustain and honor our warriors, monies donated for snapshots with us was proudly given to the Navajo Code Talker Association. Even more so, how other businesses and organizations would like to work with BBP. In turn, we will inspire and serve our people so this is in to hopes of continued success and networking with native and non-native communities in the future.

Valine Blue

My experience at the Navajo Code Talker’s Day was phenomenal, it was extra special as it was my first time in attendance. It was a great honor to be a part of this event. The Navajo Code Talkers and their feats’ have been of a legend and myth to me growing up and as a U.S. Marine. I was surprised when I attended United States Marine Corps boot camp of how little other recruits knew about their contributions to the Pacific Theater during World War II. With that being said, most the country does not know that the Pacific Theater would have been lost, if it was not for the Navajo Code developed.

Sophia Foxx

Every year I am blessed to return to Navajo Code Talker’s Day. This year was absolutely grand. Representing Blue Bird Pinups was truly an honor. Navajo Code Talkers Day reminds us that Navajo Warriors do exist even in these modern times. Everyone that attended showed their pride and respect for our rare and unique gift that we carry on.

As we met with the crowd, it was very clear that they were impressed with our retro hair do’s and vintage inspired outfits. We will continue to show our patriotic spirit by attending events for our people, such as Navajo Code Talkers day, and by meeting with those who look forward to seeing us every year.

Tarrah Bella

As a first-time attendee, I was blown away by the amount of people that showed up for the event, and by the immense pride and respect shown for our Code Talkers. All ears were tuned in to the remaining Code Talkers and the anecdotes they retold. Everyone wanted a picture, a story, a poster, a t-shirt, and a chance to shake hands with our heroes. At our own booth, people were happy to donate for a photo with us and there were many returning military personnel that were happy to see us again but as the Blue Bird Pinups. Joe Bles, Inspector General for the Young Marines, was a treat to have! He expressed his appreciation for our organization, he told us history tidbits of the U.S. flag, and invited to us Washington D.C. to tour the monuments and be a part of a National Veterans Parade as the Blue Bird Pinups! The entire day was filled with meeting new friends and acquaintances, learning new things about our country, our military personnel, and best of all- our own Navajo Code Talkers. I am definitely looking forward to this ever-growing event for next year and hoping to see all the new people we met again and more.

Alena Trouble

Being a part of Navajo Code Talker Day 2014 was truly a blessing because it’s a day the Dine people can take pride our culture through the Dine language. Living in the modern world we as people are so busy; working, taking care of families, or going to school. To have a day set aside to appreciate our language, be thankful for our Native people in the armed forces current or past, and to learn what the Navajo Code Talkers did. It can’t be summed up in a simple manner to explain that they are an important factor to who we are. I encourage anyone who hasn’t been to the Navajo Code Talker Day event to attend next year’s festivities.



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